Open Source Alternative

Open Source Alternative is a directory that lists open source alternatives to popular commercial software. So if you ever come across a situation where you need some commercial software but you don’t want to buy it or you don’t have time for it. Then search Open Source Alternative for a free alternative. For example see … Continue reading →

Free Virtual WebCam Software

Virtual webcam is an application that creates an stream of images to simulate a web cam stream. Such applications are useful to add text or visual effects to a webcam stream and/or to broadcast the same webcam to stream to multiple programs simultaneously. There are many applications available on the web to simulate a virtual … Continue reading →

Free and Open Source Video Editing Tools for Windows

I personally believe that Windows Movie Maker is probably the best solution for newbies and beginners to video editing. Most of us just want to edit our picnic and wedding movies we created with our camcorders, digital cameras or mobile phones. Windows Movie Maker is a good choice if you want to add text, simple … Continue reading →

AVG – Free and Reliable Antivirus

I primarily use Ubuntu Linux as my operating system. With Ubuntu I don’t need any anti-virus or spyware removal tool. But I also use Windows XP sometimes. Windows XP is often attacked by viruses and spyware. So if you have Windows you must have an anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed on your computer. There are … Continue reading →