Using Terminal to Shutdown Processes

XFCE does not come with a system monitor utility like the one I had in Gnome. I used the utility to kill unresponsive processes. So how do we kill unresponsive programs using the terminal? To understand how Linux handles processes and how you can control them read this great article by Gary Sim (in plain … Continue reading →

Troubleshooting Volume and Sound Card Configuration in Debian

I had a problem with gnome-volume-control. It didn’t save my volume control settings and displayed a mute sign on every startup. While trying to solve this issue, I did something (I don’t remember what it was) that totally messed my sound configuration and now gnome-volume-control stopped working at all. Today I solved this problem and … Continue reading →

Photo Management Applications

After disliking camera phones and people using camera phones for a long long time, I finally gave up and bought myself one. I am totally in love with my new camera phone. I love it for making things so easier. I can plugin my phone and share pictures and videos with the world. It is … Continue reading →

Ubuntu for Bad Guys

I am Muslim and we don’t really celebrate Christmas here in Pakistan. So Satanic or Christian doesn’t matter to me. But since downloading the Satanic Edition was easier I decided to give it a try, besides I was already feeling like downloading some new wallpapers for a change and this Satanic Edition is nothing more … Continue reading →

Deleting Unwanted Files

Recently I realized that the Disks utility was showing 8.6 GiB consumed on my Ubuntu partition (I have Xubuntu installed on another partition and have one FAT partition). I decided to free up some disk space by deleting temporary files. I found that there is no tool in Dapper to automate this process. There is … Continue reading →

Troubleshoot Ubuntu Edgy Upgrade

I haven’t upgraded to Edgy yet. I really want to but I am afraid to loose the stability, usefulness and the charm of Dapper that comes with Long Term Support. I was looking around to see what kind of trouble people facing while upgrading to Edgy from Dapper. To my surprise, there is a whole … Continue reading →

GYachE – Yahoo Webcam on Ubuntu Linux

So many people complained to me that they do not enjoy gaim because it does not supports Yahoo! web cam. Personally I don’t like web cams, but there are so many people out there who love to use Yahoo! messenger with web cam support. I wanted to assure people that they can chat with their … Continue reading →

Linux Command Line Interface

I have started to like the Terminal. Like all those people who never used anything else other than MS Windows OS, I was afraid of doing things by typing commands manually. I wanted graphical user interface for every thing. Now that I am using Ubuntu for sometime, I have realized that sometimes it is easier … Continue reading →