Alex at ‘The tech and other cents’ has a great post titled “There’s more to Linux than Ubuntu“. He is worried that Ubuntu will overshadow Linux.

Debian Ubuntu – Webcam in Yahoo! Chatrooms

Recently my internet service provider gifted me a webcam. It is a Creative Vista Webcam and came with an installation disk for Windows. I wanted to see how it works on my Ubuntu Linux. When I plugged it in Ubuntu didn’t recognize it. I had to download drivers for it. Ubuntu’s community documentation’s Webcam page … Continue reading →

Upcoming Ubuntu Version

Jason Norwood-Young takes a first look at Ubuntu Dapper Drake Beta. Another noteworthy read is Jane Silber’s interview he gave to computer world Australia. I am quite excited about trying the new version of Ubuntu. With my limited bandwidth it is nearly impossible for me to download the beta versions. I am going to wait … Continue reading →

Media Formats and Codecs in Ubuntu

Ubuntu by default supports free formats for audio and video files and it doesn’t (by default) support many popular audio and video formats. These formats are called Restricted Formats. It doesn’t mean that you can not play these formats in Ubuntu. Ubuntu Wiki has detailed information about enabling support for Restricted Formats. In this post … Continue reading →

Using sudo and root privileges in Ubuntu

Root and Sudo Admin Privileges in Ubuntu

Well, this is the first confusion I had after installing Linux based Ubuntu. During the installation it created a user account and asked password for it but didn’t asked to creat a root account and set password for it. When I clicked on some applications where a super user privileges were needed I was asked … Continue reading →

Why I Started Using Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a complete Linux based operating system. Only a month ago, I installed Ubuntu on my computer and since then I never looked back to Windows XP that I previously used for all my work. The purpose of this blog is to tell the world that it is not very difficult to use Linux … Continue reading →