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Jason Norwood-Young takes a first look at Ubuntu Dapper Drake Beta. Another noteworthy read is Jane Silber’s interview he gave to computer world Australia. I am quite excited about trying the new version of Ubuntu. With my limited bandwidth it is nearly impossible for me to download the beta versions. I am going to wait till the final release so that I can use Update Manager utility to upgrade my system.

Og Maciel expresses his desire to see Epiphany as the default browser with Gnome. He writes:

I could be wrong, but maybe all that it really need is a bit more love? Add a bit of “cosmetics” updates (a face-lift if you will) and some way to get to the more advanced properties for max tweakage et voilá! Sure I’m way out of my league here, but Epiphany, IMHO, has a lot of untapped potential!

I wrote about my experience with Epiphany and I do not agree with Og Maciel that it needs a face lift actually it is already looking as great as possible and lack of themes is not the reason why people prefer Firefox over Epiphany. I think it is lack of technical features that makes Firefox an ultimate choice. I think Firefox should have better integration with Gnome Desktop environment.

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