Enabling Urdu Support in Ubuntu

Note: Their is an updated version of this guide available. If you are using Ubuntu 9.04 or higher then please follow the new instructions here. Writing and Reading in Urdu on Ubuntu is not configured properly in a default installation. So most Urdu users face trouble once they have installed Ubuntu. Sometimes they give up … Continue reading →

Taliban Strike Islamabad

The world was already worried about Pakistan’s madrassas and tribal areas being used as base camps for Taleban insurgents. But now they are panicked because it seems like the militants has started showing off their power in the capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the only muslim country with Nuclear weapons. The controversy revolves … Continue reading →

Ban on Plastic Bags in Karachi

City District Government of Karachi has banned Plastic shopping bags. During last few days the CDGK took strict action against the manufacturers of these Plastic bags, resellers and distributors. CDGK’s action has resulted into an acute shortage of paper bags, rubber bands and other packing materials that are widely used by local grocery stores and … Continue reading →

Bob Woolmer

Pakistan Cricket Team’s coach Bob Woolmer has passed away. To me, an average Pakistani, this is one of the many sad news that the nation is getting from everywhere. The Cheif Justice Case Police agression against lawyers protesting on the situation. Police attack on the private television network’s premises in Islamabad. Pakistani cricket team’s shameful … Continue reading →

Queries Made by Pakistanis

The Google Zeitgeist now shows popular queries from Pakistan. In January 2007, the most popular query made by Pakistanis is Pakistan itself. Yes, the country we live in is just as mysterious and unknown to us as it is for any European or African. We don’t really have any stars and celebrities of our own … Continue reading →

Cultural Contrasts

When Lahore is celebrating Basant, there is a man, Shaukat who entered the city with the dead bodies of his five children, injured and exhausted wife, and his now only child a baby girl. The Supereme Court of Pakistan ordered a ban over kite flying in Punjab to combat the side effects of Basant. Government … Continue reading →

KESC Has An Official Website, But Where?

Pakistan is entering into a new era of prosperity. The country has internet access in almost all cities. There are computer labs in schools and colleges, every other day you would see some government officer inaugrating a new computer lab in some school or college. Musharraf’s government is proud that they have made so many … Continue reading →

Historic Browsing

Did you know that PIA flew its first service with the Super Constellation on 07 June 1954 on the route linking Karachi and Dacca (now Dhaka), which were the main cities of the country’s western and eastern halves? History of PIA is a website dedicated to the history of Pakistan International Airline. It has some … Continue reading →