Hundreds of Adsense Accounts Banned in Pakistan

Last night, Google Adsense disabled hundreds of Adsense accounts. We are seeing more and more Pakistani publishers who got banned from Adsense last night. Apparantely, most if not all of them received the same email message which cites the same reason. The reason is that the sites displaying ads are violating some quality guideline. However, … Continue reading →

Pakistan ka Epic Drama

I like Roznama Jawani. Some friends of mine think that they are copying “The Onion”, but I think they are not. They are dirtier and funnier. I really don’t have any issues with dirty jokes, I love smart dirty jokes. Like the one about the “Local Man getting Anal Probe by Aliens”, or “The Arrival … Continue reading →

Review: Online Books Marketplace

Day before yesterday I ordered two books from I am so happy to have found such an easy way to buy books that I decided to write a review of the website and the service. is a marketplace for used and new books. Any one can signup for free to sell or buy … Continue reading →

Ubuntu Release Party Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

On Saturday 8th May 2010, Ubuntu Pakistanis from three major cities of Pakistan gathered to celebrate the release of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. This was for the first time that we arranged a release party and we were very excited about that. However, our Loco Team administrator did not share our enthusiasm but that didn’t … Continue reading →

Secret Missions of Black Water

There is so much discussion going on about the presence of Black Water in Pakistan. I never paid attention to all the sensational text messages, emails and news articles appearing every where about Black Water and their not-so-secret missions. I love Dr. Awab Alvi. I think he has his heart is in the right place. … Continue reading →

Protests Against Taliban Flogging Girl in Swat

A few days ago local media issued a video of a Girl getting flogged by Taliban in Swat. The brutality in the video has shocked the country. The news of the video spread across the country and people from all walks of the lives has condemned it. This never happened in Pakistan. For the first … Continue reading →

Absence of Security

Yesterday, I was listening to Jameel Yousuf founder of Citizens Police Liason Comittee talking on Geo news during the terror attack at the Police training center in Lahore. He pointed out immensely huge flaws in our country’s anti-terror security practices. First of all he pointed out that the building of this current terror attack had … Continue reading →

Elections 2008: Rigging At NA-250 Karachi

I left my house at around 2:30 pm. On reaching the street where my polling station was located, I noticed that there were no camps of Pakistan Peoples Party or MMA. Only the MQM camps were there and only their volunteers were present and in big numbers. I reched my polling station and surprisingly there … Continue reading →