Why edit-tags.php and Why not edit-terms.php

Today at work, I was writing about categories and tags in WordPress. I noticed something that looks strange to me and I decided to share it here. Apparently when a user edits a category, tag or any term. It is handled by edit-tags.php file which takes parameters like tag_ID, taxonomy, action, post type. Shouldn’t it … Continue reading →

I am working in the night shift during…

I am working in the night shift during Ramadan. Mostly, because I can’t get up early in the morning. Today is the first day and I am already bored. Since there are very few people around and less disturbance I performed all important tasks quickly. Now there are just a few tasks that I am … Continue reading →

8 Cool Features I would Like to See in Google+

This is a list of a few features I would like to see in Google+. I will be suggesting them to Google+ team using the feedback form. Before doing that, I wanted to see what other people are thinking, how they are seeing Google Plus and what features they think will increase the importance of … Continue reading →

I am fixing a few of my blogs…

I am fixing a few of my blogs. I suspected that one of them might have some malicious code hidden somewhere affecting search rankings of my blog. This happens often if you are running a high traffic website. So you need to keep your web apps (wordpress and plugins) up to date. If you run … Continue reading →

WordPress: Displaying External RSS Feeds

How to display an external RSS feed on your WordPress blog without causing heavy server load. I wanted to display an external RSS feed on one of my blogs. There were many plugins to display external RSS feed as widgets on sidebar. There are also plugins that can display feed content inside a post or … Continue reading →

Securing a WordPress Blog

Due to some troubles with a few of my WordPress blogs. I have recently learned a lot about security and protecting my WordPress blogs from hacking. There is no way to be 100% sure that your website couldn’t get hacked. However, using the best practices described below, you can make it very hard for someone … Continue reading →

Choosing Right Content Management System

This post is part of a series. To read more posts from this series go to “Creating a Small Business Website“. Content Management System (CMS) is an application or a software used to create, edit, manage and publish content in a consistently organized fashion. We will be using one to manage our small business website. … Continue reading →

Installed WordPress

My webhost provides an easy one-click way to install WordPress. I love installing new blogs, but I hate the upgrade notifications. I am using wordpress since last four or five years and recently I noticed that updates are becoming more frequent. But now that I am using my webhost’s one click installer, I can easily update … Continue reading →