I am working in the night shift during…


I am working in the night shift during Ramadan. Mostly, because I can’t get up early in the morning. Today is the first day and I am already bored. Since there are very few people around and less disturbance I performed all important tasks quickly. Now there are just a few tasks that I am delaying because if I did those too then I will have nothing left to do for tonight.

Another reason to choose the night shift is to save myself from the agony of load shedding. If I had opted for morning shift I’d have to spend four to six hours without power and then two hours for Seheri and Iftar. After that I would have no time left to do anything but sleep.

I am hoping to achieve a lot of things this Ramadan, not spiritual things, but materialistic things. I am hoping to fix a few things. On top of my list is fixing one of my websites that got terribly affected by Google’s Panda Update. Each day I work a little on that website when I get home.

I am improving that website’s theme by replacing the old one with Thematic which is a powerful theme framework. I am creating a child theme that will use Thematic core features with my own styles. While working on themes, I will also improve many other things on that old website. The focus is to make it look more visually pleasant, create a better user experience, and give website some authenticity.

Once I am done with the theme, applied it on the website and fixed all the bugs, the next step will be writing content for it on a regular basis. This next step will be very important as I am hoping not to repeat the mistakes I made last time. This time I will try to build a community around the website, a loyal readership that will help the website moving in the future. I will be also looking forward to find more ways to monetize the content.

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