Thank God! Finally…. They are Dead


Some people just don’t know how to make others feel happy. It is not for lack of trying, they are just unlucky that way. Their lives are the plain texts of sorrow and misery. As they grow older, all their good things become bad things. They usually live longer and end up growing into a painfully annoying old person. Everyone openly wishes they were dead. But they stick around for a very long time.

All their lives they try very hard to bring something good to people around them. But anything good that they say, try, or wish for is often considered rudeness, taunting, nagging, annoying noise by people around them. Each day everyone dislikes them just a little more than yesterday.

These unlucky people are actually kind generous people. But the very few people who understood their kindheartedness die away, until no one remembers that they were not always that annoying. Their children, grand children, in-laws, and relatives everyone knows them as one of the rudest, ugliest, sickest old person alive. The most popular whisper on their funeral is usually a loud announcement, “Thank God! we thought he/she would never die”.

No one visits their graves, and no one wants to remember them after their death. All this effort they did all their life was for nothing. They failed to make anyone happy including themselves. They failed to improve anyone’s life.

This failure, is probably a very common story behind so many gravestones. People who loved too much and it sucked.

(Photo Credit: Brad.K)

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