Creating a Small Business Website


In previous posts we discussed how to make a small business website using Google Sites. This reminded me that may be we should talk about creating a small business website using an open source CMS. So here I am with a series of post to show you how to create a small business website of your own with its own hosting and full control on design and content.

There are lots of people out there with great ideas that they want to sell on the web. But they can’t do it because they think they don’t have the expertise and money required to do that. Well folks you were wrong, you don’t need neither much expertise nor much money to sell your ideas or products on the web. This series of posts will help you get started with your wonderful online journey.

Since its going to be a little lengthy discussion so we are breaking it into topics. I will update the links below once they are published.

  1. How to Plan a Small Business Website
  2. How to Find a reliable Web host.
  3. Choosing a Content Management System for a Small Business Website.
  4. What you should put on your website.
  5. How to sell products/ services or add a shopping cart to your website.
  6. The importance of updating your site frequently.
  7. How to make your small business web site popular.

The purpose of this series is not to make you an expert in web development. These posts tell you that how you can create a simple business web site on your own without spending much time on learning new things. It gives you a solid start and then you can improve on your skills. Believe me or not, but there is a lot of people out there who started their successful business ventures by just reading something like this on the web. I am one of such people, one day I was reading a blog post about how to start a blog and the other day I was blogging myself. Later on I created many blogs, and one of them is currently my main source of income. I hope you like this series and I would appreciate if you ask questions and leave comments so that we can improve this little tutorial and make it better.

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