KDE Improving a lot


I just read about the new version of KDE. I prefer Gnome, but there are so many KDE features that appeal me. Now it feels like KDE is getting improved. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu has announced that there next long term support version will be Gnome only, and Kubuntu will not be supported for long term. The reason behind the decission is the developer focus on KDE4. It is changing fast so it is not possible to offer long term support for it.

I often try to install KDE and try to develop a taste for it. But each time I end up frustrated with one thing or the other. Many of my friends are KDE fans and they think that Gnome is for grandmother and children. I want to discover why KDE is so great to them. Right now I think Gnome is the best, but I would be happier if the new KDE changes my opinion, as this will give me more choice and I will be enjoying different Desktop environments whenever I am bored with the one I am using at that time.

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8 thoughts on “KDE Improving a lot

  1. “KDE on the other hand is too “windowish” and people simply like it because its so”

    i disagree…

    kde it’s not like windo

    kubuntu for me >> ubuntu
    just look at:

    nwc (universal converter)
    konqueror.. instead of elephant firefox
    and a lots of multimedia stuff

    i am using kde3.5 and i am happy
    it’s fast and i can create all my multimedia stuff

    try with gnome just only for firefox i love kde konqueror it’s light man and i like speed

  2. I use Gnome and I find it interesting to use.
    KDE on the other hand is too “windowish” and people simply like it because its so.
    I don’t understand a point switching to linux if you are expecting things to be done the windows way here. What was before windows? And is that really an industry standard?
    I nevertheless will try KDE 4 once it gets mature and agree that some applications are better than in Gnome, not due to their looks but functionality instead.

  3. Chip,I have friends who love all these applications you mentioned. I have used KDE and I think Kmail, Akregator, and Amarok are much better applications than the gnome applications.

    Wolfger I am not put off, I am excited to hear that there are great changes coming.

  4. I’m a relatively new Ubuntu user. I started with Ubuntu/Gnome, but found Kubuntu/KDE to be much more intuitive, and much better able to meet my needs. To be more specific, I love KMail, Amarok, KAudioCreator, digiKam, kFlickr – all of these apps made my transition much easier. Though some of the preference may be purely subjective, I prefer these apps over their Gnome analogs.

    To each his own, of course; but KDE suits me better.

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