Some Cool Facebook Applications


facebook logo If you are free and want to have some fun on Facebook, no updates and notifications appearing from your friends. You just have to login to Facebook and you can enjoy some of these applications. Here I have some interesting applications for time killing and have fun with your friends.

These are my favorite applications which I mostly use on Facebook. If you don’t like any of them or you have any suggestions; feel free to tell me about your favorite Facebook applications in the comment box below.

1 – Quiz Planet
It’s not easy to make an application through Facebook application maker. Quiz planet is an application that allows you to make your own quiz and turn this quiz into real Facebook application. It’s really easy and fun Application.

2 – iHeart
Expressing your interest, love and emotions is more complicated on the internet. Sometimes you lack the words to express your feelings. For such times there is a Facebook application called iHeart. This application is used for sending your friends and loved ones some cool gifts with lots of love. Just Pick a heart from this Application and send it to your loved ones and friends.

3 – Social Buzz
This application is based on a very simple yet very fun idea. It asks you questions about your friends. It’s really fun using this application as it asks tricky questions about your friends and you have to answer it.

4 – Birthday Cards
In this application you can send your friends cards and gifts for their birthdays. You can also customize any card as you want to do. Manage your birthday calendar and you can also set reminders for reminding your friends and loved ones birthdays.

5 – Social Interview
Social Interview asks you questions about your life and your friends. This is interesting as it allows you to look into yourself and think about your friends from different perspective.

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