Anonymous Proxies and BlogSpot Ban


It is painful to write anymore about Government of Pakistan’s decision to block Bogspot hosted blogs in Pakistan. There are things that you learn while growing up in countries like Pakistan. Accepting censorship, crazyness, fundamentalism and corruption as the realities of life is part of the deal.There are still many Pakistani blogs hosted on Blogspot. I would really love to read them and share these blogs here but the problem is that I can not access these blogs with proxies like pkblogs and inblogs. I can not understand why these bloggers are not moving their blogs to other hosting services such as wordpress? Specially the Pakistani bloggers, they should really consider moving their blogs to other services since not moving is seriously affecting their readership in Pakistan and this is exactly what Government wanted to achieve. By not moving your blogs you are helping them achieve censorship so easily.

These are some of the blogs that I tried to read today but was unable to access them:

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