Ubuntu Stories

Ubuntu Story is a new web site promoting Ubuntu by sharing the stories of people who use Ubuntu as their operating system. The web site has a beautiful design that highlights the key benefits of using Ubuntu Linux. These key benefits are: Flexibility Speed Simplicity Appearance Stability Freedom Security Community Most user stories revolve around … Continue reading →

Localizing Gnome and Ubuntu in Urdu

During last few weeks I had been working on the Localization of Ubuntu and Gnome into Urdu. As part of Ubuntu Urdu Translators Team and Gnome Localization Project on UrduWeb, I spent my time organizing the teams and translating some files. I also made a tool Word Bank for Urdu software translators. This little utility … Continue reading →

Community Moving Forward

We have recently made little but very significant progress toward the translation of Ubuntu in Urdu. When I joined the Ubuntu community, we already had Ubuntu Pakistani Team and Ubuntu Urdu Translators team. Both had a few members, bad Wiki pages and no community leaders at all. Following the guidelines provided by Ubuntu I stepped … Continue reading →

Giving Back to The Community

Once you have Ubuntu GNU/Linux installed and you find it useful then it is the time for you to consider ways to contribute in Ubuntu. Ubuntu Wiki now has a detailed page Contribute to Ubuntu. Ubuntu is most of all a community. All of the software, artwork and documentation in Ubuntu has been created, tested, … Continue reading →

Free Software in Pakistan

I was asking myself, if Linux and GNU based software are so good, free and legal then why Pakistanis don’t go for them. Some reasons are pretty obvious and others, we will have to figure those out. Pakistanis who spend their time in front of computers at work are forced to work in a Microsoft … Continue reading →

Freedom for Human Beings

Speaking honestly, when migrating to Ubuntu GNU/Linux , I didn’t realize the meaning of word free. I wanted to get rid of the guilt I felt using illegal software, which I used because like many other people from my country I can not afford to buy licenses for an Operating system, anti virus utility and … Continue reading →