Google Docs: How to Add and Stylize Header and Footer

Non expert Google Docs users such as myself spend much time on Google docs without using many of it’s wonderful features. The reason for that is we do not really need these features in our day to day tasks. However, each user has different requirements and the features that I don’t use are most used … Continue reading →

How Google Chrome is Different

  I opened my browser and there was a link on the main Google page with an announcement about Google’s new browser Chrome. I was like wow, I was looking for a new browser for a long time. I was feeling kind of bored with Firefox. I tried Safari for Windows and Opera but didn’t … Continue reading →

Google Docs Explained in Paperworks

I use Ubuntu Linux and I am not a huge fan of the office that comes with most Linux distributions. I find Google docs a lot more convenient and useful. The reasons are obvious. It is way much easier to share documents with Google docs than with Open Office. I don’t have to worry … Continue reading →