Converting PDF to Word Doc or Editable Text

I recently came across this situation where I had a PDF file containing text which I needed to convert so that I could work on the text. Apparantely it is not as difficult as it sounds. In fact there are some really good free software and online tools available to convert pdf to word, pdf … Continue reading →

Where to Find Free Clip Art

Searching the web for clip art is not as much trouble as it used to be. Now you can use Google Image search and in the Advanced Image Search you can select Clip Art from the Content types. But then not all the clip art shown in search results is available for you to use … Continue reading →

Google Docs: Using Fonts for Other Languages

How to use Google Docs for with fonts for other languages. Such as Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew and Persian (right-to-left script) or any other east asian languages requiring complex scripting. I write short stories for children in Urdu language. In order to use Google Docs with Urdu, I need Urdu fonts and I also need to … Continue reading →

Creating a Small Business Website Using Google Sites II

In the previous post we discussed how to create a simple website for a small business using Google Sites. In this post I will talk about adding new features to your simple site to make it more interesting for your visitors. Google sites is simple but full of features to meet all your needs. You … Continue reading →

Create a Small Business Website Using Google Sites

  There are thousands of small business owners who don’t know how they can benefit from the web. They do not have the skills, and their budget does not allow them to hire professionals for the job. In this post we will discuss how small businesses can take advantage of the web by creating simple … Continue reading →

Create and Edit Google Docs Templates

Google Docs offers you to create your documents by choosing from their gallery of ready-made templates. Templates are the effecient way to maintain consistency and branding of documents. But the question that popped up in my mind is that if I am using templates with Google Docs and lets say I like a particular template … Continue reading →

HowTo Page Margins in Google Docs using CSS

Previously we described how to add margins to a document in Google Docs using tables. But not many people like to use tables. For those who don’t want to use tables or have trouble using tables there is another way to do the same thing using CSS. In this post we describe how you can … Continue reading →