Trying Kubuntu Karmic Koala (Beta)

Two days ago I installed Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Beta on my Acer Travelmate 5730. I often try KDE based distros hoping that I will eventually find something that doesn’t crash often. Kubuntu 9.10 Beta Karmic Koala is improved in many ways. The new installer Bling is beautiful yet simple. Installation went smooth and finished … Continue reading →

Bring Me Back To Freedom

Google Chrome arrived and I had to log on MS Windows to see how it works. I am so impressed that I don’t really feel like going back to Ubuntu and use Firefox. I have installed Windows Vista, which has Aero theme. I use Chrome and the world is beautiful again. Honestly, I don’t like … Continue reading →

Excited about KDE 4.0

Just a few days ago the KDE 4.0 was announced. It seems that everyone was already excited about KDE 4.0. People using Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy can try KDE 4.0. Ubuntu Geek has an explained version of the same intstructions here. Tombuntu has ten tips for KDE 4.0 Beginners and patchshorts writes about 5 Things to … Continue reading →

KDE Improving a lot

I just read about the new version of KDE. I prefer Gnome, but there are so many KDE features that appeal me. Now it feels like KDE is getting improved. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu has announced that there next long term support version will be Gnome only, and Kubuntu will not be supported for … Continue reading →

Debian Ubuntu – Webcam in Yahoo! Chatrooms

Recently my internet service provider gifted me a webcam. It is a Creative Vista Webcam and came with an installation disk for Windows. I wanted to see how it works on my Ubuntu Linux. When I plugged it in Ubuntu didn’t recognize it. I had to download drivers for it. Ubuntu’s community documentation’s Webcam page … Continue reading →

Deleting Unwanted Files

Recently I realized that the Disks utility was showing 8.6 GiB consumed on my Ubuntu partition (I have Xubuntu installed on another partition and have one FAT partition). I decided to free up some disk space by deleting temporary files. I found that there is no tool in Dapper to automate this process. There is … Continue reading →

Konqueror VS Firefox

Firefox is great but since I visit several websites that Firefox is unable to render properly I have no choice but to find an alternative. I am starting to hate Firefox and forcing myself to love Konqueror and Galeon but still whenever I am using Firefox I feel like using a familiar application. Like when … Continue reading →