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Explaining social schizophrenia Dr Ayesha Siddiqa’s excellent analysis of social schizophrenia of the Bahawalpuri society. How the puritanical religion has affected the Bahwalpur. Ayesha Siddiqa is the author of forthcoming book Military Inc.: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy Election of the president – a legal analysis It has been argued that how can an assembly which … Continue reading →

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Karachi’s new police chief is shocked at city’s traffic conditions. Azhar Ali Farouqi just returned from a five year leave during which he lived in London, Germany and America where he studied their “police and legal systems”. Where is former Police Cheif Tariq Jameel? He is fighting NAB, Jameel is charged with taking a heavy … Continue reading →

Asides 12 Jan 2007

Devolution empowered 20 feudal families. Even though the basic purpose of devolving power to the grassroots level was to empower the masses, the local government system has actually made Sindhi feudal lords more powerful. Their families dominate the local bodies, local government provincial minister Muhammad Hussain said Thursday. N.W.F.P’s CM Akram Durrani laid down foundation … Continue reading →