Protests Against Taliban Flogging Girl in Swat

A few days ago local media issued a video of a Girl getting flogged by Taliban in Swat. The brutality in the video has shocked the country. The news of the video spread across the country and people from all walks of the lives has condemned it. This never happened in Pakistan. For the first … Continue reading →

Absence of Security

Yesterday, I was listening to Jameel Yousuf founder of Citizens Police Liason Comittee talking on Geo news during the terror attack at the Police training center in Lahore. He pointed out immensely huge flaws in our country’s anti-terror security practices. First of all he pointed out that the building of this current terror attack had … Continue reading →

Taliban Strike Islamabad

The world was already worried about Pakistan’s madrassas and tribal areas being used as base camps for Taleban insurgents. But now they are panicked because it seems like the militants has started showing off their power in the capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the only muslim country with Nuclear weapons. The controversy revolves … Continue reading →

Cultural Contrasts

When Lahore is celebrating Basant, there is a man, Shaukat who entered the city with the dead bodies of his five children, injured and exhausted wife, and his now only child a baby girl. The Supereme Court of Pakistan ordered a ban over kite flying in Punjab to combat the side effects of Basant. Government … Continue reading →

Shaving Terror in Northern Pakistan

Barbers get threat in Pakistan, Suspected Islamic radicals have issued a warning to barbers in a Pakistani border town not to shave off or cut their customers’ beards, saying it offends Islam. Pakistani newspaper, The Daily times has more on this issue. Residents of Khar said that local barbers decided not to shave their customers … Continue reading →

Monday Links

Explaining social schizophrenia Dr Ayesha Siddiqa’s excellent analysis of social schizophrenia of the Bahawalpuri society. How the puritanical religion has affected the Bahwalpur. Ayesha Siddiqa is the author of forthcoming book Military Inc.: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy Election of the president – a legal analysis It has been argued that how can an assembly which … Continue reading →

Jirga – Parallel Justice System

Chief minister of Pakistan’s North Western Frontier Province called grand jirga of NWFP parliamentarians in Islamabad on Tuesday. Interior Minister Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao called this Jirga unconstitutional and undemocratic. Few weeks ago a jirga in Karachi, called for city wide transport strike. The strike took a violent turn, one man was killed and several … Continue reading →