Installing Debian from Ubuntu Hard Disk Installation

Installing Debian From Ubuntu or any other GNU/Linux

This post is about how to install Debian GNU Linux from your hard disk, with the help of your Ubuntu GNU Linux operating system and without using CDrom, floppy, or any other removable media. I learned that when I was trying to install Debian and had no other way to run the installation media. My … Continue reading →

Fixing Grub From Within Windows

Grub is the GRand Unified Bootloader that comes as the default boot loader in most modern linux ditributions including all flavors of Ubuntu. In easy words it is the software that shows you the operating systems you have installed on your computer and allows you to choose one when you start your computer. Note: This … Continue reading →

Installing Windows XP and Ubuntu

Recently I had to format my entire hard disk and re-install Microsoft Windows XP and Ubuntu once again. Despite the usual headaches of such a painful procedure, I feel that it was kind of a good learning experience. First of all I had to backup all my important data. Since I try to save all … Continue reading →

Ubuntu Linux: Subtitles, Video Editing and DVD Authoring

Translating movie subtitles is my new hobby. I had no previous knowledge of what subtitles are, how they are embedded in a DVD movie, how to rip them off, how to create new subtitles, and then finally how to prepare a DVD with translated subtitles that could be played on most popular software, hardware and … Continue reading →

Debian Ubuntu – Webcam in Yahoo! Chatrooms

Recently my internet service provider gifted me a webcam. It is a Creative Vista Webcam and came with an installation disk for Windows. I wanted to see how it works on my Ubuntu Linux. When I plugged it in Ubuntu didn’t recognize it. I had to download drivers for it. Ubuntu’s community documentation’s Webcam page … Continue reading →

My Cute Little XFCE Desktop Environment

I have previously used XFCE with Xubuntu. But then I replaced it with Debian Etch and Gnome. But Gnome was becoming a little too heavy for me. I was bored and needed some change. So I decided to install a complete Gnome free system. First I downloaded latest Debian net-install cd. Installing Debian this way … Continue reading →

Gmail and Google Reader in Startup Programs on Ubuntu

I have tried several Email Clients and Feedreaders on Ubuntu and my primary Debian Operating System. But now I was feeling that why bother with any more software when you have Google and Firefox (Iceweasel on Debian). So, I decided to make myself a script that automatically opens my Gmail and Google Reader account in … Continue reading →

Enabling Urdu Support in Ubuntu

Note: Their is an updated version of this guide available. If you are using Ubuntu 9.04 or higher then please follow the new instructions here. Writing and Reading in Urdu on Ubuntu is not configured properly in a default installation. So most Urdu users face trouble once they have installed Ubuntu. Sometimes they give up … Continue reading →