Google: This site may harm your computer.

Google engineers has accidentally made a massive mistake. No matter what you search on Google all your results are labeled “This site may harm your computer”. This is happening with all platforms and web browsers and to every one accessing Google websearch from anywhere in the world. So if you are seeing it, do nothing … Continue reading →

Chrome Your World With Themes

Google Chrome is becoming very popular every where particularly among people who spend their lives on browsers. You can sense the popularity by looking at blog posts, news items, and themes. There are Google Chrome based themes available for many applications. Google Chrome’s innovative new approach to design inspired these designers and users to adapt … Continue reading →

How Google Chrome is Different

  I opened my browser and there was a link on the main Google page with an announcement about Google’s new browser Chrome. I was like wow, I was looking for a new browser for a long time. I was feeling kind of bored with Firefox. I tried Safari for Windows and Opera but didn’t … Continue reading →

Google Docs Explained in Paperworks

I use Ubuntu Linux and I am not a huge fan of the office that comes with most Linux distributions. I find Google docs a lot more convenient and useful. The reasons are obvious. It is way much easier to share documents with Google docs than with Open Office. I don’t have to worry … Continue reading →

Google for Learning

I rely on Google for learning new things. During this whole learning process we would using Google to: Find tutorials Find Sample Documents Find Templates Find clip art Interact with each other and people from all over the world to improve the process and learn from the experience of others. Google is not only a … Continue reading →

eMarkaz Stinks

eMarkaz is an online store, a subsidiary of Urdu Point, An Urdu web portal that claims to be the largest Pakistan based Urdu website. They have a very good range of products available for your shopping pleasure. Specially if you are a non resident Pakistani, you would love their audio, video and books catalogues. I … Continue reading →