Free Islamic Software – Ramadan in IT Age


Muslims all over the world are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. It is difficult for people to work, fast, pay their prayers and still find time to recite the holybook. In this post we talk about Islamic software that will make your Ramdhan tension free so that you can take advantage of the blessings of this great month without leaving your desk.

Zekr is a Quranic software that makes it easier to read, recite and study the Holy Quran on your computer. Zekr is available for Windows XP and Vista, Linux and Mac. It is definitely the most popular and feature rich software currently available to study the holy Quran and above all it is free and open source. It helps you study Holy Quran with it’s built in search features. You can quickly go to Aya, sura aur page number, select from the menu, bookmark aya and sura for later reference. It also comes with many translations easily downloadable from Zekr website. You can also add audio recitation. This Ramadan they even released a special Ramadhan Edition.

Pray Times is a Firefox addon / plugin that tells you the prayers timings, time left to pay your salat, and you can set the location, timezone and daylight time saving settings aswell.

UK based Islamsoft offers Islamic applications for Nokia and Sony Ericson mobile phones. The Hadith Software and the Athan (Azan) software. They also offer a Daily Prayers application but it is still in beta. (Caution: I haven’t tried these mobile applications so download and install at your own risk). Nokia has also released a few Islamic applications built in on several devices and mobile phones. One of these applications is Emsakya.

Unfortunately my favorite online store does not have a Eid Special section for shopping. So its their loss if they ignore the huge Muslim population in the US and UK. You guys can look at Online Islamic Store for gift ideas and suggestions. They have software, books, DVDs, accessories, clothing and even toys.

If you know any other good and free Islamic software please add them in the comments

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