Ignoring the Pagerank


Sometime ago I was crazily attempting to get a better pagerank on Google. Unfortunately despite all the links I was getting (I thought they were relevant links too), they were not enough for a better pagerank. I gave up the idea of improving page rank.

Now I had some free time, previously I spent this time in link exchange requests. Now I was free to use this time to write and pay attention on what other people are writing on the topics that interest me. I got closer to some bloggers who shared my interests.

Two months later I checked that I have a page rank of 5 for my ubuntu blog. What happened there is that some people who also wrote about Ubuntu linked some of my posts. One or may be two links and they added great value to my pagerank. Since I had already given up on the pagerank thing, I have decided that I will not pay any attention to the pagerank. I will try to focus on writing posts that are informative and useful for visitors of my blogs. Many of them are bloggers, every one is a blogger these days. Linkbacks will come along with the visitors and pagerank… Seriously why would I care about pagerank when I will have the visitors who are already looking for my content and who are already eager to share it with others.

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