Blogging and Me

Kashif Aziz asked bloggers on the Pakistani Probloggers Facebook group page: Pakistani Probloggers: Lets share more about ourselves, specifically: Why you started blogging. What are / were your inspirations. What other blogs / sites do you frequently read. Were do you see yourself as a pro blogger in next couple of years. Replying this post … Continue reading →

I am fixing a few of my blogs…

I am fixing a few of my blogs. I suspected that one of them might have some malicious code hidden somewhere affecting search rankings of my blog. This happens often if you are running a high traffic website. So you need to keep your web apps (wordpress and plugins) up to date. If you run … Continue reading →

I am back

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. I don’t really feel like writing much these days. Which is very difficult for me, considering the fact that I am employed as a blogger / content writer, and earn my living from blogging. There are things that you can write even when you are not … Continue reading →

Securing a WordPress Blog

Due to some troubles with a few of my WordPress blogs. I have recently learned a lot about security and protecting my WordPress blogs from hacking. There is no way to be 100% sure that your website couldn’t get hacked. However, using the best practices described below, you can make it very hard for someone … Continue reading →

Mindmapping for beginners

Mind Mapping – A Quick How To Guide For Beginners

Recently I discovered a post by Darren where he advised bloggers to use mind mapping techniques for new blog post ideas. I had read about mind mapping before but never thought about trying it. But now that I am blogging regularly, sometimes it is difficult to come up with a good blog post idea. The … Continue reading →

How to Choose A Theme for Your WordPress Blog

How do I pick up a theme for my wordpress blog from thousands of freely available themes out there? This is really a tough question. Some bloggers, even the experienced ones, spend so much time looking around for the perfect theme to beautify their blog. There are themes with lots of images in header and … Continue reading →

Anonymous Proxies and BlogSpot Ban

It is painful to write anymore about Government of Pakistan’s decision to block Bogspot hosted blogs in Pakistan. There are things that you learn while growing up in countries like Pakistan. Accepting censorship, crazyness, fundamentalism and corruption as the realities of life is part of the deal.There are still many Pakistani blogs hosted on Blogspot. … Continue reading →