How do I Modify Notification Area? – Ubuntu 8.10

How do I modify notification applet so that it only notifies me about things that I want to be notified about. For example I don’t want it to display notifications about network connection but I want it to display notification when there are updates available to install.

Totem Youtube Search and Play Plugin

I recently started using Totem movie player. Before that, VLC was my prefered media player on Ubuntu and Debian. It is still default media player on my Windows partition. But on Linux I think Totem is wonderful. I love the simplicity of Totem’s interface. Which is weird because in past I disliked Totem for the … Continue reading →

Bring Me Back To Freedom

Google Chrome arrived and I had to log on MS Windows to see how it works. I am so impressed that I don’t really feel like going back to Ubuntu and use Firefox. I have installed Windows Vista, which has Aero theme. I use Chrome and the world is beautiful again. Honestly, I don’t like … Continue reading →

Troubleshooting Volume and Sound Card Configuration in Debian

I had a problem with gnome-volume-control. It didn’t save my volume control settings and displayed a mute sign on every startup. While trying to solve this issue, I did something (I don’t remember what it was) that totally messed my sound configuration and now gnome-volume-control stopped working at all. Today I solved this problem and … Continue reading →

Photo Management Applications

After disliking camera phones and people using camera phones for a long long time, I finally gave up and bought myself one. I am totally in love with my new camera phone. I love it for making things so easier. I can plugin my phone and share pictures and videos with the world. It is … Continue reading →

Deleting Unwanted Files

Recently I realized that the Disks utility was showing 8.6 GiB consumed on my Ubuntu partition (I have Xubuntu installed on another partition and have one FAT partition). I decided to free up some disk space by deleting temporary files. I found that there is no tool in Dapper to automate this process. There is … Continue reading →

Gnome Applets for Newbies

Applets are little applications that sit on your panels and make things easier for you. In Ubuntu, your default Gnome Desktop comes equipped with some very useful applets pre-installed but not activated by default. People who are absolutely new to Ubuntu and Gnome desktop are usually unaware of these applets and it takes sometime before … Continue reading →

Feed Reader for Ubuntu

I need an RSS Feed reader. I would definitely like to use some web based tool, but currently no bloglines, Google reader or any other feed aggregator satisfies me. I need something with a very simple user interface, little or no advance features and rock solid support for all type of feeds. After looking around … Continue reading →