Creating a Small Business Website Using Google Sites II

In the previous post we discussed how to create a simple website for a small business using Google Sites. In this post I will talk about adding new features to your simple site to make it more interesting for your visitors. Google sites is simple but full of features to meet all your needs. You … Continue reading →

How Google Chrome is Different

  I opened my browser and there was a link on the main Google page with an announcement about Google’s new browser Chrome. I was like wow, I was looking for a new browser for a long time. I was feeling kind of bored with Firefox. I tried Safari for Windows and Opera but didn’t … Continue reading →

Adsense Publishers: Publish a Privacy Policy Now

Google recently updated Terms and Conditions for Adsense program policies. I usually don’t spend much time reading these, but this time they announced something that got me worried. We’ve also added some specific requirements that make it necessary for publishers to post and abide by a transparent privacy policy that users see. According to this … Continue reading →

Gmail and Google Reader in Startup Programs on Ubuntu

I have tried several Email Clients and Feedreaders on Ubuntu and my primary Debian Operating System. But now I was feeling that why bother with any more software when you have Google and Firefox (Iceweasel on Debian). So, I decided to make myself a script that automatically opens my Gmail and Google Reader account in … Continue reading →

Ignoring the Pagerank

Sometime ago I was crazily attempting to get a better pagerank on Google. Unfortunately despite all the links I was getting (I thought they were relevant links too), they were not enough for a better pagerank. I gave up the idea of improving page rank. Now I had some free time, previously I spent this … Continue reading →

Google Office

I have uninstalled Open Office from my Ubuntu because I have found web based Office tools to be more reliable. I am talking about Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Using such a web based tool instead of a fully featured super sophisticated Office suite has many benefits. My documents are accessible from every where. To access … Continue reading →