Bring Me Back To Freedom

Google Chrome arrived and I had to log on MS Windows to see how it works. I am so impressed that I don’t really feel like going back to Ubuntu and use Firefox. I have installed Windows Vista, which has Aero theme. I use Chrome and the world is beautiful again.

Honestly, I don’t like Microsoft Windows much. Previously I had trouble getting it configured for my internet, graphics and audio settings. It is just too much work with windows, I thought. But may be I was a little bit too biased towards freedom. I had this feeling that I am a software freedom fighter, I can not use Windows. But I am starting to think differently now.

If I use Windows I have Aero which looks 10 times better than Gnome with compiz and it has Google Chrome which is faster than Firefox and works like a charm.

These new things make me feel good. The graphics aren’t ugly, I have the same visual effects on Ubuntu too but they don’t look that good. Gnome’s interface that I have loved so much, now looks childish and boring. The simplicity has gone to a point where it feels like an insult to the human intelligence.

The windows are too big they take a lot of screen space. The fonts are ugly. Definitely Ubuntu has better support for Urdu Language but Vista is not that bad either. Using Vista I can use the new VLC media player that uses QT and has good looking interface.

I tried searching the Gnome website to see if they have any plans to give me something thats more beautiful than Mac OS X, Vista and KDE4. But I don’t think they have any plans to bring something modern and new for at least a few more decades. I can go for KDE4, and I did. I tried it with opensuse. But it crashed so often and after a week of trial I gave up. I tried KDE4 on ubuntu and the result was the same.

Developers at Gnome should think about improving their simplicity. Give me an intelligent user interface that is smarter than me. Give me better fonts. Don’t fill my screen with thick windows, fat buttons, and king size Icons. The KDE folks if they read it, please make it available for Ubuntu and make rock solid. Every body hates to see the crash handler poping up now and then. and I want VLC with QT ASAP.

Please bring me back to the free world. Please bring something exciting and modern.
BTW, after finishing this post I am going to try KDE for windows and see how it works. It might be unstable like hell but I want to do try it anyways.

Note: I haven’t completely switched to Windows yet. I am just jealous.

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  1. I think there are many Linux users that just can keep up without using all the stuff that doesn’t work for them. I’ve tried to install a Brother MFC-215 Printer/scanner and I couldn’t. I know there are drivers at brother’s page… that you install and do nothing. The X system went crazy after installing VirtualBox, and I’ve realized that I just spent more time tuning (and struggling with) my linux system than actually enjoying it.
    Call me a whiner, but I wonder what would Linux fanboys would tell about Vista if he had half of the trouble I described.
    Btw, I’m using Vista now. Works flawlessly, no struggling, no excuses, just works.
    Don’t misunderstand me, I’d like to enjoy linux. Not suffer it. So maybe later… who knows when, since it seems the never ending story.

  2. Did anyone even mention that Chrome sell ur information!

    How google make money ?
    How firefox and Chrome make money?

    You are definitely a stupid guy !

  3. I will sent u back to freedom because of one simply sentence:

    “Microsoft do not drive Windows X/Vista at all! Only application”

    “Linux kernel drive the application”

    You are a moron and Troll ! You say stupid things and definitely u are paid!

  4. Yonah: Who is Jayson Brower?

    So I guess there is a whole lot of people who have embraced Windows after trying linux for sometime, just like there a lots of people who has adapted linux after using windows for several years.

    In the end, every one goes for whatever they think works best for them. But seriously the purpose of this post was not to compare linux and windows but to share my feeling of disappointment. It is my personal opinion that Desktop linux is lacking a lot more than linuxlovers think. They are blind by the love of freedom. But it would be best if we realize the shortcomings and work to improve on them.

  5. The best thing about ditching Linux is not having to deal with idiots like Jayson Brower, who write a cutesy poem filled with lies, half truths, and biased fallacies.

  6. You’ll probably be better off using Vista. I returned to the world of Windows recently after a 4 year journey into Linux Land and I’m much happier with how my computer operates now. Sure, Linux has some advantages over Windows, but they are minor compared to the advantages Windows has over Linux.

  7. Yeah, vista rocks, if you like to wait 5 minutes to delete a folder. And Aero looks like shit. and has crappy sucky few effects that any other OS can use. (btw, I’m not defending any specific OS here, but Vista sucks BAD)

  8. Like you, I was a luser and anti-MS evangelist for almost a decade (albeit mostly *BSD later on, as I felt GNU/Linux wasn’t free enough), but I, too, eventually found my way back to Windows — now everything just works.

    I used to be one of those console junkies; I’d code in [n]vi and write my own makefiles, as I scoffed at even Vim and the sucktastic Linux IDEs. Now on Windows, I spend less time to accomplish much more.

    I’d file bug reports and test alpha-level software, only to have the bugs confirmed but persist for years and years (e.g., some of the Gnome bugs I filed in the late 1990s are still open today). Now I don’t need to bother.

    I’d write even the simplest notes in LaTeX and send others converted PDFs. Now I use Microsoft Word and give others something they can work with (although I do still use LaTeX at times).

    I valued the number of customization and configuration features over productivity. I’d ignore those “proprietary” Windows/Mac-only programs and stick with the inferior *nix “alternatives”, even when they took more effort and were less useful.

    Now I’m much happier. I have a life outside of *nix. My computer has returned to being a tool, not a political statement. The hassle of “open source” isn’t worth it.

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