Top sites to send Eid Cards and Muslim Greetings


We are in the middle of the Holy month of Ramadhan. It is time to think about shopping for Eid, spending time with family and friends, buying gifts and sending Eid Cards. Easy life comes here to your rescue and to save you time by pointing you to best places to look for Eid Greeting Cards.I personally believe that a regular printed eid card is better than an e-card. But sometimes you are too busy with all the shopping, fasting, salat and work. It is not possible for you to send a card by post on time. This is when you use the internet and send an electronic greeting to your beloved friends and family.
A website with ecards for Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-adha. They have themes their greeting cards in nice categories. So you can pick up a card with Quranic Verses, or a card showing how much you miss your love ones, or you can choose a card describing the spirit of Eid. Most cards are animated and have music too. Sending the card does not require you to register at the website.

eid-ul-fitar ecard
eid-ul-fitar ecard

Eid Cards at
It is a huge website with greeting cards for almost every occassion. Some of these cards are very cute. Unlike other websites that display cards with Mosque in Eid Mubarak written in hard to read calligraphy, 123 greetings has cards showing animated characters celebrating Eid. But if you prepher the mosque and calligraphic cards then they have them too.

HiGreetings Eid Ecards
They have few ecards but their cards are simple and nice. So if you don’t want to send an eid card with annoying music and scary animations then I would say this site is for you.

If you want to send an ecard to all your contacts in Gmail. It would be best to attach your card with a message as an attachment. In the message express your wishes and then add contacts from your gmail contact list. You can even send flash animations, short video clips or your favorite Eid theme song.

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