Mind Mapping – A Quick How To Guide For Beginners

Recently I discovered a post by Darren where he advised bloggers to use mind mapping techniques for new blog post ideas. I had read about mind mapping before but never thought about trying it. But now that I am blogging regularly, sometimes it is difficult to come up with a nice post idea. The ideas … Continue reading →

Adsense Publishers: Publish a Privacy Policy Now

Google recently updated Terms and Conditions for Adsense program policies. I usually don’t spend much time reading these, but this time they announced something that got me worried. We’ve also added some specific requirements that make it necessary for publishers to post and abide by a transparent privacy policy that users see. According to this … Continue reading →

Back To School Stress

My neice Minahil is having trouble with her new class. She is in kindergarten’s first year. She loved her school and her teacher Miss Saima back in pre-nursery. After the three month summer break, she has now started crying while going to school. Minahil’s parents are really upset about this new situation. Minahil wasn’t like … Continue reading →

Ignoring the Pagerank

Sometime ago I was crazily attempting to get a better pagerank on Google. Unfortunately despite all the links I was getting (I thought they were relevant links too), they were not enough for a better pagerank. I gave up the idea of improving page rank. Now I had some free time, previously I spent this … Continue reading →

Scope Changed

At first I thought about starting a blog to discuss how I am trying to teach my brothers to use MS Office, Open Office, and other office applications. But I have changed my mind. Now I am going to blog about every thing that makes life easier for me. There will be tips about nearly … Continue reading →


My brothers both like playing games on my computer. It is not like they are total idiots, they just don’t have any experience of working with Microsoft Office and other tools that are commonly used in schools and offices all over the world. Well, unfortunately we do not have many computers in schools here in … Continue reading →

Historic Browsing

Did you know that PIA flew its first service with the Super Constellation on 07 June 1954 on the route linking Karachi and Dacca (now Dhaka), which were the main cities of the country’s western and eastern halves? History of PIA is a website dedicated to the history of Pakistan International Airline. It has some … Continue reading →

Anonymous Proxies and BlogSpot Ban

It is painful to write anymore about Government of Pakistan’s decision to block Bogspot hosted blogs in Pakistan. There are things that you learn while growing up in countries like Pakistan. Accepting censorship, crazyness, fundamentalism and corruption as the realities of life is part of the deal.There are still many Pakistani blogs hosted on Blogspot. … Continue reading →